Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q My basement and/or first floor drains are overflowing, especially after a heavy rain. What’s wrong?

    A Since Roselle is an older community, many of its sanitary sewer mains are cracked and are crumbling. Many are in the process of being replaced. During heavy rains, the old sewer mains cannot handle the increased flow of rainwater and sanitary waste due to infiltration. Property owners can help by disconnecting downspouts from sanitary lines, but sometimes, the lateral and/or sewer main become clogged with debris. The Borough is not permitted on private property to clear private sewer laterals. You may call the DPW to inspect the mains in front of your property and clean them if necessary. Maintenance of sewer laterals is the responsibility of property owners and not the Borough.

    If you are having a sewer emergency, you may call the DPW directly at (908) 245-2920 during business hours.

  • Q Where can I find out information specific to storm water and how it affects our community?

    A You can learn about storm water and the impacts that the community has on it by visiting the following websites:

  • Q How do I report a pothole?

    A Please call the DPW at (908)245-2920 to report a pothole on a city street. They will be patched as soon as possible.

  • Q Will the Borough repave my street?

    A In 2010 the Borough of Roselle performed a Pavement Management Study which ranked the Borough roadway system into severity categories Based upon the breakdown, the attached maps illustrate the timelines when the improvements are tentatively scheduled to be performed.

    2010 Overall Map
    Road Program Wards 1-5

    Currently, the Borough is working on repaving all of the roadways that are necessary to be renovated within the Year 1 to Year 5 breakdown. The street resurfacings and reconstructions are performed on an annual basis by private contractors and not the DPW. Depending upon the amount of funding allocated for the proposed project and the bids received by contractors for the anticipated improvements, the Borough foresees that the following roadways will be resurfaced in 2012:

    2012 Paving List
    2011 Paving List

    For additional information, call (908) 259-3059.

  • Q Is my house in a flood zone?

    A Flood look ups can be performed by individuals seeking to see if their home is within a flood zone by visiting the following website:

    For a direct link to the map viewer follow this link:

Roselle Flood Information

For further information regarding flood hazard areas, flood safety, and property protection please refer to this Flood Info Outreach document.

The floodplain management activities that have been implemented by the Borough have qualified Roselle residents for a 15 percent discount on the premium cost of their flood insurance. Please note that this discount takes effect May 1, 2013.

View Official Letter From FEMA Here