Elected Officials

Mayor Christine Dansereau

(908) 956-5557

Mayor Dansereau is the first female mayor of Roselle, sworn in March of 2015.

A Native New Yorker who moved to New Jersey with her two children to provide a better life for them. As a single mother and working parent she managed her parental, work and civic responsibilities successfully.  She moved to Roselle in 1985 where she purchased her home and lived for over thirty three years with her Civil Partner.  Mayor Dansereau has four grandchildren whom she loves dearly.

Mayor Dansereau’s work ethic propelled her into a successful 18 year marketing career in the Beauty Industry. During that time she managed a large sales force, developed a successful telemarketing division, created industry seminars, and major trade shows while traveling extensively.

A life-long dream to attend college and receive a degree became a reality thanks to the support of her family and a desire to change her career path to one that serves those in need.  She attended Kean University at the same time as her two children obtaining a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology.
Her son graduated with a Masters in Physical Therapy while her daughter focused on a Business Degree.

After graduating Mayor Dansereau interned at JFK Hospital in the Cognitive Rehab Division working to rehabilitate people with Traumatic Brain Injuries. She also worked as a School Speech Pathologists for the Elizabeth School District, and later as a Home Care Specialist for Visiting Nurse. She owned a Therapy Business until she retired, later working as a consultant for various Health Agencies.

Mayor Dansereau was a literacy volunteer for the Elizabeth Library where she had an opportunity to work with people from other countries interested in learning English as a second language. During that time she had worked with a young man Mark from Uzbekistan whose family had escaped political tyranny to come to America for a better life.  His desire was to go to college, obtain a degree and work in the science or medical field. To do that he had to pass an English Proficiency Test. They worked together for almost a year.  He successfully entered college and today is a Doctor of Cardiology. To this day, he credits Mayor Dansereau’s efforts in helping him to obtain his dream.

Mayor Dansereau served as the Fifth Ward Councilwoman for two terms, and was then elected as Council–at-Large. She served as the Council President, and was Chair of most of the standing committees throughout her term in office. As the creator of the Communication and Technology Committee she worked with her colleagues to bring about a myriad of communication and technology improvements; such as the Borough Website, Facebook, Nixle, Roselle Community Resource Guide, and improvements to our T.V. stations.

During Mayor Dansereau’s tenure in office she has been credited with spear heading many important projects, and policies that have helped our residents.  Some of her work includes; The Westbrook Remediation Flood Project, The Road Assessment Improvement Program, Secure our Schools Camera Safety Project, Junior Police Academy Program, The Mayor’s Office of Hispanic Latino Affairs, The Municipal I.D.  Program, Landlord Registration Project, Redevelopment Citizen Committee for improving Chestnut Street and The Library Expansion Project. “The purpose of all these projects and Citizen Action Committees is to bring about a shared vision of the future needs, growth and prosperity of our community,” as Mayor Dansereau says.

In addition the Mayor was appointed to the position of Vice President of the Urban Mayors Association for the Northern Region of New Jersey. Her role is to be one of the voices of Urban Communities alongside other Urban Mayors on many important issues specific to their individual cities and towns.

She is a fierce advocate for important issues such as ; Domestic Violence, Gun Reform laws, Fair Funding of Schools, Immigration rights, Fair and equal wages for women, Affordable Housing, Tax Reform, and Women’s Health Issue’s just to name a few.

 Mayor Dansereau has said, “To be the First Woman to hold the elected office as the Mayor of Roselle is an enormous honor and looks forward to continuing her service to Roselle in years to come. The  Mayor and Council’s mission is to move Roselle forward by working hard on the collective goals of our great community and to shed a light on it’s beauty, diversity, and achievements”  There is no doubt in Mayor Dansereau’s mind that Roselle will continue to grow and prosper with the help of the Community, Leadership, Borough Administration and Dedicated Employees. The Team always begins with the Community first. We must never forget we serve them. God Bless and Thank you.