Finance Department


The Finance Department is responsible for municipal accounting, budgeting, and financial controls, payroll, human resources,  accounts payable, purchasing, and tax collections. The Finance Department is also responsible for debt management, and grant management. The CFO advises the Mayor and Borough Council on fiscal policies, municipal investments, and overall fiscal best practices. 


Finance Department Office
108 W. Third Avenue 
Roselle, NJ 07203

Chief Financial Officer

John Ditinyak, CMFO,CCFO

Payroll Supervisor
Glori Ann Guell
(Office) 908-259-3024

Senior Account Clerk
Magretta Morgan
(Office) 908-259-3026

Account Clerk
Peggy Gorman
(Office) 908-259-4506


Doing Business with the Borough of Roselle

The Borough of Roselle obtains price quotes for all purchases between $6,600 and $44,000; uses State Contract Vendors; and solicits bids for any purchases above $44,000. All purchases by the Borough are authorized by the issuance of a purchase order and no order should be accepted by any vendor without a copy of the signed purchase order.

Request for Quotation (RFQ) 
Purchases between $6,600 and the statutory bid threshold of $44,000 will generally require a Request for Quotation. The Purchasing Department will solicit these quotes in various manners, including but not limited to utilizing public auction websites and requesting quotes from various vendors.

Bid Process
According to State Statute, the Borough is required to solicit formal bids for products, services, or public improvements when the cost exceeds the statutory bid threshold of $44,000. Bids are publicly opened and available for inspection after all bids have been opened. After all submitted bids are evaluated, the lowest Responsible and Responsive Bidder is awarded the contract within 60 days. Exceptions to this schedule would be in accordance with N.J.S.A. 40A-11-24. Award to the winning vendor will be made by formal resolution of the Governing Body.

Required Vendor Registration
According to State Law, the Borough is required to have proof of a business organization's registration with the Department of Treasury before a purchase order/voucher can be issued.