Marco Designs LLC Announces: 3D Printing & Affordable Housing Partnerships in NJ

Marco Designs LLC is a multi generational family design/build business, started by Henry Garcia in 2009 to revolutionize the construction & design industries by offering green, sustainable & cutting edge technologies in the commercial & residential building fields. The family team features skilled artists, engineers, master builders & real estate experts working together to offer group services in the global construction market.

The Garcia’s are always at the forefront, having introduced CNC (computer numerical control) robotic innovation in the interior construction industry in 2009, naturally 3D printing is their next frontier. Marco Designs LLC is offering advanced & efficient construction services to develop affordable housing communities with all inclusive amenities in partnership with municipalities in NJ, our home state. Partner with us as Marco Designs LLC starts 3D Printing construction in early 2023. Please contact us to be part of the new building vision & venture for New Jersey.

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