Statement from Roselle Mayor Donald Shaw on the Death of Tyre Nichols


The tragic death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police officers is appalling and indefensible.

Nichols was pulled over by police for what should have been a routine traffic stop. Nichols was brutally beaten by officers who displayed no regard for his well-being and died three days later.

On behalf of the Borough of Roselle, I am coming forward to condemn this egregious act of senseless violence, as many others have. I join with Roselle Police Chief Stacey Williams to express my disgust at what transpired and urge the prosecution of these former officers to the fullest extent of the law. 

“The brutality suffered by Tyre Nichols and the failure of any of these individuals to intervene is sickening and leaves everyone, including police officers, infuriated and outraged,” said Chief Williams. “The Roselle Police Department remains committed to working with the entire community including advocacy organizations, elected officials, to continue to ensure security and justice for all.”

As your mayor, I am deeply appreciative for the commitment of our local law enforcement to policing that prioritizes de-escalation and an understanding of the community.